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Why switch to VoIP?

Cost reductions are the first reason why you should consider VoIP. Call us to arrange a free review of your current telecoms to see how VoIP can benefit your organisation.

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Our VoIP Telephone Systems are packed with lots of clever features to help your business run better.

Our hosted VoIP solution is packed full of clever features which are constantly developed to keep you up to date. If advancing your business is your goal, switching to VoIP offers cost-efficient practicality that encourages the growth of your business with simple scalability options.  

As the world continues to grow and evolve, technology is also doing the same. VoIP, known as 'Voice over Internet Protocol' is comprised of various hardware, software and technologies that allow persons to connect over the internet with telephone calls and voice data. 

Switching from an analogue telephone system to a digital telephone system is ideal for any business as it provides a telephone system that allows them to stay up to date and in sync with evolving technology. Most importantly, it eliminates the limited capabilities of the circuit-switch network and puts businesses at a competitive edge.  


For a free no obligation overview of how VoIP could help your business call 01653 917000.


Benefits of business VoIP:

→ Free calls to 01-02-03 and 07 mobile rated calls
→ Reduce expensive line rentals charges
→ Advanced Call reporting (incoming/outgoing)

→ Flexible and scalable system

→ Smart queuing to help manage calls
→ Built in call recording
→ Voice Mail and Auto Attendant built in
→ Free Polycom and Cisco desk phones
→ Cordless & wireless handsets available
→ Remote home workers
→ Guaranteed call quality
→ Virtual phone numbers choose any UK area code
→ Fast disaster recovery (call diversion)
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